Experiments have proved that oxygen-free copper

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First of all, the most important role is usually to transfer the heat of the high-temperature flue gas as quickly as possible, which requires a very good thermal conductivity in the material; second, since the heat exchanger is a constant environment of switching hot and cold. The cold water absorbs heat when flowing over the water pipe in the heat exchanger and becomes difficulties for the user to use.. ”

The rigorous durability tests and nearly seventy-five years of practice have proved that oxygen-free copper is superior to stainless steel in thermal conductivity, ductility, plus corrosion resistance, and experiments have proved that oxygen-free copper carries a longer service life than stainless steel heat exchangers. We Brazed Plate Heat Exchanger - FHC310 have not tried other materials and have been experimenting with other materials. Heat exchangers are mainly made up of heat exchange fins and internal water pipes..

As a core component, if there is a problem, the entire h2o heater is wasted. The substance could be to steal materials. The role with the heat exchanger is to immediately and efficiently exchange the heat generated by combustion of the gas into your water.

Due to the core mission of the heat exchanger and the application environment, the material selection of the heat exchanger is essential. However, oxygen-free copper is still used being a heat exchanger material. As for this trial of new materials, 

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