How many cores radiators and power use are growing

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The fund department often asks, "How long will a really system take to recover expenditures? " "In some cases, perhaps it will take a year. Scott Tease is definitely executive director of High-performance Computing and artificial intelligence inside Lenovo Data center group. The biggest hurdle is the upfront cost from the plumbing infrastructure and the modest premium (in...


Experiments have proved that oxygen-free copper

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First of all, the most important role is usually to transfer the heat of the high-temperature flue gas as quickly as possible, which requires a very good thermal conductivity in the material; second, since the heat exchanger is a constant environment of switching hot and cold. The cold water absorbs heat when flowing over the water pipe in the heat exchanger and becomes difficulties for...


Mainly focusing on patented engineering FHC

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Through fresh concepts, technical marketing, and using the trend of upgrading industrial ingestion, it can increase its own gross profit. In addition, the water heater market has become increasingly sluggish a lot. According to data from Ove Impair Network, during the "11" 8-day holiday break period, year-on-year sales of fuel water heaters fell year-on-year, by using sales...


A visionary project fruit of 2 many years of work

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The water in the freshwater loop then feeds heat pumps that produce domestic hot water, heating or cooling in the summer."If this specific technology is difficult to implement, it offers a very very good performance since 1 kWh electricity consumed produces 4 kWh involving renewable thermal energy", explains Dalkia in its website. The Avenidor House is the first house on earth...